From a simple paving area for picnic table, patio has evolved over the years to include outdoor kitchen, bar, hot tub, firepit/fireplace and pergola. The different materials, configurations, elements and elevations makes the combinations endless. We used all sort of materials available in the market includes blue stone, Chinese granite, limestone, sandstone, fieldstone, flagstone, travertine, cobble stone, brick and concrete paver. We set it in dry on gravel and stone dust base as well as on concrete. The first series of the gallery feature a blue stone terrace with sitting wall, fire pit, stone-surrounded hot tub, outdoor kitchen and outdoor sitting room. All elements fit together nicely in creating a beautiful and diversified living space where the owner enjoy daily and friendship develops. The drainage was automatically taken care of. We also assisted the owner in the lighting selection and installation.  The area is also surrounded and interspersed with beautiful gardens. A planned water feature and pergola has yet to be installed. No everybody can afford this kind of elaborated project. However, we can give you a great layout which will maximum the output according to your needs and budget. We have seen a lot common mistake that the area is fairly big but no place to put the furniture. The area was chopped up because the contractor has never taken into consideration of the circulation pattern. With same square footage, a good design can make the space much more useful and a small change is shape can make it more attractive.