Innovative design:

Unlike some other companies that feature designs by other landscape architects/designers, all pictures featured in this website are projects designed by Ching Lin, the owner.

A successful landscape designer must possess a basic knowledge of horticulture, civil engineering and architecture, as well as all aspects of landscape construction. Without a comprehensive design, you will most likely spend money on unnecessary site preparation and miss the opportunity to add the elements that create a truly unique living environment.

A successful designer is like a good chef. One should be able to create "out of this world" dishes with ingredients from far corners of the earth yet still be able to prepare a delicious meal from the daily ingredients. With Artistic Outdoors, every plan is custom-designed according to your personal needs, budget and site contexts.  In the design showcases, you will see examples of integrated designs that bring all elements together in creating artistic living environments- functionally as well as aesthetic.

Last year we met one of a few owners who refused to sign off on pool construction because they didn’t feel comfortable about the pool design, its placement and the landscape design by another landscape contractor. Within 30 minutes of talking to the owners, all issues were addressed and resolved. The landscaper proposed a huge retaining wall which would have cost an arm and a leg, but we properly placed the pool and balanced the cut and fill. It saved the owner at least twenty thousand dollars from unnecessary fill and retaining wall. We also create a smooth landscape without significant elevation drop.  We exposed some of the natural ledge and used the rocks and boulders on site to create a landscape that fit right into the natural setting. We believed that this was the most sustainable and organic approach to the environment.  Our innovative design not only saved the owner money, but we also preserved the natural beauty of the setting while creating a unique and enjoyable living environment. 


At Artistic Outdoors, we take pride in our work. We love challenges. The rewards are beyond what the dollars and cents can measure. Our commitment to excellence and integrity will ensure consistent, quality services.

Competitive Prices:

We constantly search for better products and equipment to ensure that our materials are diverse and that our team is as productive as possible. Unlike most landscape contractors who buy from re-wholesale yards, we buy directly from growers, quarries and manufactures. In order to cut down on cost and have edge on unique products, we also design and import architectural stones and carvings. Whatever products or services you need, we will work hard to deliver them to you at a very competitive price.


We have received numerous professional awards including the "Exceptional Award" from Connecticut Nurserymen's Association. Our projects have been featured in local papers and national magazines such as Practical Homeowner and Women's Day. Pools of our design have also received numerous national awards.  One of our landscape projects was chosen by American Nurseryman Magazine to showcase the Northeast landscaping.

Personal Relationships:

Most of our customers became our good friends.

A few years ago, we did a job in Norwalk, Connecticut, and at the end of the first day, the owner came out to see me.

 "I have never seen my wife cry after 5 years of marriage but you made her cry today," he told me.

"What?" I was startled. "I  didn't do anything to her!"

"She came home saw what you have done so far. She was so happy. She cried." He replied with a pat on my shoulder.

That was the best compliment and reward I could have received. I hope that you give us a chance to make your spouse cry. 

Please contact us if you are looking for the best local landscape designer, landscape company, mason or pool design services at a very competitive price. Let us help you create a beautiful living environment that you will enjoy as long as you own your home.  Although our primary markets are Hartford, New Haven and Fairfield County, we have traveled for projects in Westchester County, New York, Rhode Island, Western Massachusetts and other areas in the northeast.