Sidney, Australia

There are plenty of outstanding architectures around the world. However there are only a few building or structure which defines a space or city with its innovative design like Eiffel Tower, St. Louis Arch, and Sidney Opera House. Its breakthrough design and timeless beauty became a milestone and inspiration in architecture history. They are not merely a landmark. They represents the heart and soul of the city. 
I have seen so many pictures of the Opera House before. However, just like the northern light, you would never be able to catch the magnificence unless you are in it. You can’t judge a piece of architecture away from its context either. I hereby presenting the magnificent Opera House at my best ability. The only regret I have was not able to go inside to see the interior.

Melbourne, Auistralia


Melbourne, Australia

The architecture in Melbourne is 'different'. To me it is disjointed especially those around the federation square. No matter how innovative the design is, a public square should be bright and cheerful. The feeling of Federation Square is completely opposite. It also draws sharp contrast and crash to the surrounding old buildings. Architecture 101 is studying surrounding context and be part of it. I. M. Pei's Pyramide du Louvre is a big contrast to the old museum building but they coexist nicely.  That's  what a really innovative design is all about. The graffiti street is unique. Although I like it but it had a very strong negative energy which drove me away sooner than I would like to. I like the Yarra River walk but too much sign of Chinese influence.